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Non-Projective measurement of solid-state qubits:collapse and uncollapse

Categories: Physics - Condensed Matter (PHYS-CM)
Speaker: Alexander Korotkov, University of California, Riverside
Date & Time: September 15, 2009 - 1:30pm
Location: Serin 385

The starting point of the talk is a simple question: what happens to a solid-state qubit in the process of its continuous measurement by a detector? While for an ensemble of qubits the measurement simply leads to decoherence, a single qubit state changes in accordance with gradually acquired information, and there is no decoherence due to measurement if a good detector is used. The theory of such measurement allows us to understand what is "inside" the quantum collapse and provides a number of experimentally testable predictions. As an example, it shows that partial collapse due to a weak quantum measurement can be undone, fully restoring ("uncollapsing") an arbitrary initial state. Another potentially useful application is quantum feedback control of a qubit. So far three experiments on non-projective collapse of solid-state qubits have been realized: partial collapse of a superconducting phase qubit, uncollapse of a phase qubit, and persistent Rabi oscillations in a superconducting charge qubit.

Host:  Lev Ioffe

Advancing Nanotechnology - IAMDN New Microscopes


Rutgers new scanning transmission electron microscope and new helium ion microscope help researchers develop nanotechnology used to fight cancer, generate power, and create more powerful electronics. Watch the video to learn more.

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