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Categories: Miscellaneous (Other)
Speaker: Ben Hankamer, The University of Queensland, Australia
Date & Time: October 5, 2009 - 11:00am
Location: Alampi Room, IMCS, 71 Dudley Road, Cook Campus

Microalgal biofuel systems have considerable potential for future fuel production. Using advanced bioreactor systems, improved light to fuel conversion efficiencies can theoretically be achieved, beyond those attainable with traditional crop plants. Furthermore such systems can be located on non arable land, effectively eliminating ‘food vs fuel' concerns surrounding 1st generation biofuels (e.g. corn to ethanol). Microalgal systems can also be used for C-sequestration. The hard question facing scientists is whether such systems can be economically viable, technically feasible and established on a sensible scale. In this context the work of the Solar Biofuels Consortium ( will be presented at the level of economic modeling, bioreactor design, optimizing light capture efficiency and process optimization.

Biography: As founding director of the Solar Biofuels Consortium, Dr. Benjamin Hankamer focuses on the development and implementation of high-efficiency, next generation biofuel systems. While on his fellowship, he will meet with industry representatives, academic researchers, and government officials to exchange ideas on ways to fast-track the commercial deployment of microalgal biofuel technologies, and to investigate the pros and cons of establishing an open source "Apollo project" for biohydrogen.

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