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Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Categories: Physics and Astronomy (PHYS)
Speaker: Yupeng Wang, Institute Director, IOP
Date & Time: October 12, 2009 - 9:30am
Location: Serin 385

"Introduction to IOP", Prof. Yupeng Wang

"Materials Research", Prof. Nanlin Wang

"Photoemission Studies on Superconductors", Prof. Hong Ding

The Institute is a multidisciplinary institution engaged in research on basic and applied physics, concentrating mainly on condensed matter physics, optical physics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics and theoretical physics. There are three State Key Laboratories, which are the Surface Physics Lab. (set up with the Institute of Semiconductors of the Academy), Magnetism Lab. and Super-conductivity Lab.


Hosts:  Leonard Feldman, Torgny Gustafsson

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