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Could a Sour Natural Gas Process Convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) into harmless compounds?

Categories: Miscellaneous (Other)
Speaker: Raymond Stenger and James Wasas
Date & Time: October 21, 2009 - 2:30pm
Location: Philip Alampi Auditorium, Cook Campus

Discussion on an exothermic chemical reaction that could contribute to the fight against global warming

What: The Stenger-Wasas Process (SWAP): A suite of hydrocarbon refining solutions that has been verified in the laboratory to rapidly reduce H2S to below detectable levels by gas chromatography (under 4ppb) and can convert CO2 into carbon, water and sulfur industrially. Discoverers of the SWAP invite academicians and experts to discuss the science and its potential contribution to the global warming solution.

Philip Alampi Auditorium, Rutgers University Cook Campus
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
71 Dudley Road (corner of College Farm and Dudley Rd.)
New Brunswick, NJ


Open Admission
Q & A Following

Who: Raymond Stenger and James Wasas invite members of the academic and professional communities on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009, to learn about the Stenger-Wasas Process (SWAP), proposing that a reaction between carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) eliminates both (2H2S + CO2 => 2H2O + 2S + C) in a mildly exothermic reaction and could alter the course of climate change and impact escalating energy costs. Hear and discuss the science behind the SWAP and its potential impact on the hydrocarbon industry.


  • Raymond Stenger (B.S.,WV University ‘57)
  • James Wasas (B.S., Rutgers ‘68)
  • Wolf Koch, Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati (B.S., Rutgers ‘68), President, Technology Resources International, Inc.
  • Gene Hall, Ph.D, Analytical Chemistry, Rutgers University (independent GC verification)
  • Roy Drayton, Ph.D, President, Thermal Hazard Solutions, Inc. (independent thermodynamics and chemical kinetics verification)
  • Randa Fahmy-Hudome, Former U.S. Associate Deputy Energy Secretary

Stenger and Wasas will discuss the catalytic and recombinant science behind the reaction. Dr. Wolf Koch will discuss the potential commercial applications. Q & A will follow: Dr. Hall will answer questions about his independent chemical and gas chromatography (GC) analysis; Dr. Drayton will answer questions about his findings and verifications of thermodynamic and chemical kinetic results showing scalability of the SWAP.

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