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Carbon Nanotubes in Liquid Suspension with Electric Fields and Shear Flow

Categories: Laboratory for Surface Modification (LSM)
Speaker: Jerry W. Shan, Rutgers MAE
Date & Time: October 22, 2009 - 12:00pm
Location: Chem. 260

Carbon nanotubes are polarizable particles, and, as such, can be manipulated with external electric fields. As a result, liquid suspensions of carbon nanotubes offer a simple and highly controllable system for exploring the nanoscale hydrodynamics of rotating nanotubes, as well as the macroscopic electrorheological consequences of field-induced nanotube alignment and self-assembly. We describe our investigations of the flow resistance of individual single-wall carbon nanotubes (in collaboration with F. Zimmermann of Physics & Astronomy), as well as the particle orientation and shear viscosity of dilute suspensions of single-wall nanotubes under simultaneous shear flow and electric fields. We also briefly introduce our related efforts to develop carbon-nanotube-based "smart" heat-transfer fluids having enhanced, directional, and actively controllable thermal conductivities, as well as composite materials with aligned nanotubes for water-filtration purposes.

Advancing Nanotechnology - IAMDN New Microscopes


Rutgers new scanning transmission electron microscope and new helium ion microscope help researchers develop nanotechnology used to fight cancer, generate power, and create more powerful electronics. Watch the video to learn more.

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