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Rutgers New Faculty Talks

Categories: Rutgers Distinguished Faculty Talk Series
Speaker: Daniel Battey, Susan Dougherty, Ebelia Hernandez, Juan Mejia-Ramos, Jennifer Warren, Brandon Alderman
Date & Time: November 2, 2009 - 2:00pm
Location: Fiber Optics Auditorium, Busch Campus

The Rutgers Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series will resume for the new academic year the first Monday of every month at 3:30 in the Fiber Optics Auditorium. This year, at 2pm  immediately preceding the Distinguished Faculty Talk Series, faculty that are new to Rutgers will give brief 10-minute talks on their research to introduce the faculty to the Rutgers community and to help them establish collaborations across departments and schools.

Please join me in welcoming these soon-to-be distinguished faculty to Rutgers and in recognizing the achievements of one of our distinguished faculty.  Refreshments will be served at a break between talks.  Map:

Rutgers New Faculty Talks  

Daniel Battey            Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Stories: The importance of Teacher Identity across Professional Development and Classroom Contexts

Susan Dougherty      Dads Read:  The Contribution of Fathers and other Male Role Models to Early Literacy Development

Ebelia Hernandez      Developing Political Consciousness--The Process of Promoting Community Engagement and Activism among College Students

Juan Mejia-Ramos     Research on Argumentation in Undergraduate Mathematics

Jennifer Warren        Community Health Intervention in Reducing Tobacco-Related Health Disparities

Brandon Alderman   Today's Stressful Lifestyle:  Should we make time for exercise?  OR Exercise and Stress reactivity: A model to clarify the effects of exercise on mental health and cognition

Video Mosaic Collaborative for Improving the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics: Rutgers Distinguished Faculty Lecture

Speaker:   Dr. Carolyn Maher

Date:        Monday, November 2, 2009

Time:        3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Location:   Fiber Optics Auditorium, Busch Campus

Introduction by Dean Richard De Lisi

This lecture will introduce highlights from a unique collection of video and related data that have been amassed at Rutgers through two decades of research conducted by Carolyn Maher and colleagues at the Robert B. Davis Institute for Learning (RBDIL). The video collection includes over 4,500 hours of source videos and emanates from longitudinal and cross-sectional studies of the development of mathematical ideas and ways of reasoning of students, which were conducted in formal and informal educational settings and supported with National Science Foundation funding. Synthesizing the video data from several content strands on mathematical reasoning has led to the current NSF study, the Video Mosaic Collaborative (VMC). The VMC is a partnership among Rutgers University Libraries, the RBDIL, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison that is leveraging research-based resources, building new digital tools, and using them for research on teacher education. The VMC project has dual goals of (1) preservation and storage of the video collection from the RBDIL in the Rutgers Community Repository from which they can be accessed, and (2) examination of how the knowledge of content and pedagogy for teaching mathematics as a thoughtful subject can be enhanced through teachers’ studying video of how children reason while involved in mathematical problem solving. The talk will describe the Davis Institute’s partnership with the Rutgers Digital Library group and how this work is harnessing cyber infrastructure and using workflow programming to facilitate use of the video collection to conduct innovative research in teacher education contexts.

Carolyn A. Maher is Professor II of Mathematics Education and the Director of the Robert B. Davis Institute for Learning at the Graduate School of Education of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  She is Editor of the Journal of Mathematical Behavior. Her research, consisting of both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, has focused on the development of mathematical ideas and mathematical reasoning in learners over time, and has been supported by over $15 Million in grant funding. Most noteworthy is the longitudinal study that followed the mathematical thinking of a cohort group of students doing mathematics in and out of classrooms, now beginning its 22nd year and tracking the subjects as young professionals. The first 12 years of the longitudinal study are featured in the Private Universe Project in Mathematics, a one-hour documentary produced by River Run media and a series of six video workshops for teacher professional development that was produced by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Her other research includes a three-year study of middle school students’ informal mathematics learning in an after-school setting in an urban NJ school district. She recently completed work on an NSF REESE Synthesis grant that selected video episodes on children’s mathematical reasoning as representative samples from prior studies for inclusion in a prototype of a searchable database accessible via the Internet. Building on the Synthesis work, she and her colleagues were awarded a four-year collaborative research grant from the NSF, Cyber-Enabled Design Research to Enhance Teachers’ Critical Thinking Using a Major Video Collection, in which they are focusing on teacher education and how studying video episodes of children’s learning from prior research potentially can improve teachers’ abilities to reason mathematically. In addition, she is Co-PI on another newly awarded NSF grant, NJ Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics.  Professor Maher has published over 130 papers with 55 refereed journal articles and book chapters; she has given over 30 invited lectures, plenary sessions, and keynote addresses in 12 countries, and she has chaired over 60 doctoral dissertations. She was invited co-chair of the Topic Study Group for “New Trends in Mathematics Education Research” at the Eleventh International Congress on Mathematics Education, held in July 2008. She gave the invited keynote lecture Critical Thinking Skills in Schools and Museums at the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies in June 2007. She was a plenary speaker at the 26th PME in Norwich, England, 2002, Senior Lecturer at the International Congress for Mathematics Education in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2004, and Plenary Speaker at the University of Helsinki Conference in Finland, 2004.  She received her B.A., M.Ed. and Ed.D. from Rutgers University.

Host:  Michael Pazzani

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