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Looking at Vortices with NMR

Categories: Physics - Condensed Matter (PHYS-CM)
Speaker: Bill Halperin , Northwestern University
Date & Time: November 3, 2009 - 1:30pm
Location: Serin 385

Magnetic resonance has been extensively used to probe vortex structures insuperconductors. At Northwestern University we have used 17O NMR as a probe ofvortices in cuprates: YBCO and BSCCO. From the NMR spectrum we can identify thevortex liquid-to-solid transitions and determine the vortex melting phase diagram. At the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory we extended NMR to magnetic fields up to 42T to study the electronic excitations in the vortex core. The advantage of high fields is toincrease the fraction of probe nuclei in the vortex core. New results from our NMR studies in BSCCO suggest that the vortex cores carry a net charge and might be responsible for a reconstruction of vortex structures owing to a repulsive interaction between vortex pancakes on adjacent planes.

Host:  Haruo Kojima

Advancing Nanotechnology - IAMDN New Microscopes


Rutgers new scanning transmission electron microscope and new helium ion microscope help researchers develop nanotechnology used to fight cancer, generate power, and create more powerful electronics. Watch the video to learn more.

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