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Synthesis of Multi-Metallic Nano-Oxide Ceramics Via Liquid-Feed Flame Spray Pyrolysis

Categories: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Speaker: Jose Azurdia, Rutgers Materials Science and Engineering
Date & Time: December 1, 2009 - 12:10pm
Location: CCR 201

The liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis (LF-FSP) process aerosolizes metal-carboxylate precursors dissolved in alcohol in an oxygen and combusts them at >1500 °C. By selecting the appropriate precursor mixtures, the compositions of the resulting oxide nanopowders can be tailored easily, to systematically study virtually any oxide system and characterize their material properties. LF-FSP provides access to novel single phase nanopowders, known phases at compositions outside their published phase diagrams and mixed phase materials.

This seminar will present a brief overview of the LF-FSP process followed by detailed discussion of two spinel systems: Al2O3-NiO, Al2O3-CoOx. A brief summary of three binary transition metal oxide sets: NiO-CoO, NiO-MoO3, NiO-CuO produced by LF-FSP will be presented to demonstrate the process' versatility. The multi-metallic nano-oxide ceramics produced were characterized using SEM, TEM, BET, TGA-DTA, and FTIR. These materials may exhibit unusual properties including structural, catalytic, and photonic ones and lower sintering temperatures. Because LF-FSP provides access to any composition, comprehensive studies that span the entire tie-lines were conducted rather than compositions typically studied in these systems.

José A. Azurdia earned his Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan in December 2008. He also earned two B.S. degrees; in Material Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering, from the University of Michigan both in May 2002. His graduate work focused on the processing and synthesis of multi-metallic nano-oxide ceramics via Liquid-Feed Flame Spray Pyrolysis (LF-FSP). These materials have potential uses in catalytic, photonic, structural, biomedical and electronic applications.

Dr. Azurdia is a member of the Materials Research Society (MRS), the American Ceramic Society (ACERS), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and was inducted to Tau Beta Pi Honor Society in 2007.

Currently he holds a Post Doctoral position at Rutgers University, working with Prof. R. Riman on ceramic research.

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