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There are presently a range of undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the science and engineering of materials and devices. These courses are open to all Rutgers students and are mostly located in seven departments (Biomedical Engineering, Ceramic and Materials Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Physics and Astronomy).

There is a highly successful interdisciplinary B.S. program in Nanomaterials Science and Engineering that was established in 2002 through the Workforce Excellence Program of the N.J. Commission on Higher Education. The curriculum involves four interdisciplinary, team-taught lecture courses, and three laboratory courses, based on biology, telecommunications, information technology, nanophotonics, biomaterials, nanoelectronics, and nano-electro mechanical systems (NEMS).

IAMDN-associated faculty participate in a great variety of outreach programs to New Jersey K-12 schools and the general public. There are annual summer nanomaterials research internships for 10 NJ college students and 20 high school students (under the aegis of the Rutgers N.J. Governor's School of Engineering and Technology). A cooperative program is in place for undergraduate engineering students to gain experience as interns in industry. There are several programs for faculty and graduate students to provide lectures and hands-on demonstrations in K-12 schools, as well as help for N.J. high school teachers in the preparation of curricular materials in the area of materials and devices. Our Math-Science Learning Center has a Science Bus which travels to schools throughout N.J. to bring inquiry-based activities in science and mathematics. There are a series of "Faraday Lectures" for children given at the University involving demonstrations of exciting physical phenomena, as well as many public lectures for the public involving well known invited speakers. In addition to the various Departmental and Center seminars (many relevant seminars are listed on our Seminars webpages), we are planning a new IAMDN Seminar Series, as well as a number of symposia and short courses. Stay tuned!

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