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The Amazing Properties of Two-Dimensional Carbon

Speaker: Antonio Castro-Neto, Boston University
Date & Time: September 5, 2006 - 9:00am
Location: ?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
The Amazing Properties of Two-Dimensional Carbon
Physics and Astronomy

Antonio Castro-Neto

Boston University

Carbon is a life sustaining element that, due to the versatility of its bonding, is present in nature in many forms. Besides being an element which is fundamental for life on the planet, it has been explored recently for basic science and technology in the form of three-dimensional graphite, one-dimensional nanotubes, zero-dimensional fullerenes, and more recently in the form of two-dimensional Carbon, also known as graphene. I am going to talk about the theoretical description of graphene in the light of new experiments in this material. Contrary to ordinary metals and semiconductors, graphene has unusual electronic properties that cannot be described by standard theories, such as Landau's Fermi liquid theory. Understanding of the electronic properties of graphene may open doors for new carbon-based nano-electronics.

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