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New Energy MiniSymposium

Speaker: workshop
Date & Time: May 25, 2006 - 8:30am
Location: Fiber Optics Auditorium, Busch Campus

New Energy MiniSymposium
Institute for Advanced Materials and Devices

Mini-Symposium on Energy Technology and Policy.
Fiber Optics Auditorium, Busch Campus
8:30am - 4pm

The primary goals of the workshop are threefold:

1. To help explore current and future basic energy technologies and policies. These topics will be introduced by a set of short presentations focusing on biofuels, solar energy, catalysis, hydrogen production and storage, biovoltaics, fuel cells, and the economics of current energy policy.

2. To discuss, in breakout sessions, how Rutgers might form a set of research teams to address several of the above mentioned focus areas – or to develop alternative areas where we have expertise.

3. To develop a working plan that would potentially lead to the formation of a new Rutgers Center for Energy Technology and Policy.

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