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Gloal Warming: Policy without Politics?

Speaker: Sunil Somalwar, Rutgers University
Date & Time: April 26, 2006 - 4:30pm
Location: Physics Lecture Hall

Gloal Warming: Policy without Politics?
Physics and Astronomy

Sunil Somalwar, Rutgers University
4:30pm Physics Lecture Hall

There is now a scientific consensus about global warming and its
anthropogenic origins, but the policies needed to address it are inadequate and lack focus. Recent increase in the purchasing power of developing nations has ended the petroleum glut, leading to economic and security fears which have further clouded the policy picture. Is it possible to come up with a coherent policy to address global warming that is palatable to both the Left and Right in a politically divided nation? And what does this approach have to do with the balance sheet of our Busch Cogen power plant?

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