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Mapping steady-state non-equilibrium to equilibrium

Speaker: Jong Han, Physics, SUNY Buffalo
Date & Time: March 30, 2006 - 4:30pm
Location: Serin 385E

Mapping steady-state non-equilibrium to equilibrium
Physics and Astronomy

Jong Han, Physics, SUNY Buffalo
Serin 385E - 4:30 p.m.

In an effort to formulate quantum many-body theory in the nano-scale
transport, I discuss ideas of mapping steady-state nonequilibrium
to an effective equilibrium system, to which various equilibrium
techniques can be applied. The statistical operator Y to account for
the nonequilibrium boundary condition is built from the many-body
scattering state operators and is used in the nonequilibrium ensemble
given in the form of the Boltzmann factor exp[-(H-Y)/T]. In the two
examples of quantum dot models with electron-phonon and infinite-U
Coulomb interactions, I discuss how the mapping can be implemented
and what problems arise in the formulation. Finally, I give a
blueprint of how the problems can be overcome and the simulation
algorithm can be generalized to various quantum dot models.

Advancing Nanotechnology - IAMDN New Microscopes


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