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Understanding quasiperiodic surfaces using diffraction techniques

Speaker: Nicola Ferralis, Penn State
Date & Time: March 28, 2006 - 9:30am
Location: NPL Conf. Room 201

Understanding quasiperiodic surfaces using diffraction techniques
Laboratory for Surface Modification

Nicola Ferralis, Penn State
9:30am, NPL Conf. Room 201

Understanding quasiperiodic surfaces using diffraction techniques: the path from the Fibonacci sequence to the quasiperiodic Xe overlayer

Abstract: The long-range orientational order in quasicrystal surfaces allows them to display sharp spots in a diffraction pattern. However the lack of translational order challenges the adoption of dynamical low-energy electron diffraction for the characterization of the surface structure. In this talk we will describe how, from a simple model such as the 1D Fibonacci sequence, approximations can be introduced in either the surface structure model or in the dynamical low-energy electron diffraction calculation to determine the atomic structure of quasiperiodic surfaces. This understanding of the role of quasiperiodicity in the surface structure provides major insight while using quasiperiodic structures as templates for quasiperiodic film growth. We will present both experimental and computational results about the growth and order of a xenon overlayer adsorbed on a quasicrystalline substrate.

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