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Molecular and cellular cognition: mechanisms of memory

Speaker: Alcino Silva, UCLA
Date & Time: May 7, 2007 - 12:00pm
Location: Life Sciences Auditorium

Molecular and cellular cognition: mechanisms of memory
Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Alcino Silva, UCLA
12:00pm Life Sciences Auditorium
145 Bevier Road

Competition between neurons governs the refinement of neural networks during development and may be important for selecting which neurons participate in a given memory in the adult brain. To examine neuronal competition and selection during memory formation, we manipulated CREB function in subsets of neurons. Here we show that changes in relative CREB function bias the probability that individual lateral amygdala neurons are recruited into a fear memory trace. Our results suggest a competitive model underlying memory formation in which eligible neurons are selected to participate in a memory trace as a function of their relative CREB function at the time of training.

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