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Taking Materials Innovation to the Marketplace

Speaker: Faruq Marikar, Nanobiz, LLC
Date & Time: October 21, 2008 - 12:10pm
Location: CCR 201

Taking Materials Innovation to the Marketplace

Faruq Marikar, Nanobiz, LLC
12:10 PM, CCR 201

As technology has become progressively more sophisticated and complex, the dependence of industrial innovation on university based research has increased. Not every invention is worth commercializing, and not every inventor will be successful in business. This talk will start by surveying the hurdles in moving research, particularly materials research, to the marketplace, clarify the cliches and common myths, and then provide some guidance to those entrepreneurially oriented, to survive the early years and thrive.


Marikar and Brumlik are principals of Nanobiz, LLC, a consulting group offering business, investment, patent and legal guidance on alternate energy, materials, cleantech and nanotechnology commercialization, globally. Nanobiz helps large companies grow and small companies grow up. More at

Earlier, with Hoechst, Celanese and Gould, Marikar planned and developed new businesses through global cross-sector alliances. Product areas include batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, films, paints, coatings, plating, corrosion, carbon fiber, graphite, specialty chemicals, plastics, electronic chemicals, ceramics, and composites.

Marikar has degrees in chemistry and a Ph.D. in engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He served on an industrial advisory committee to the US NSF; he was the first chairman of the US Industrial Research Institute’s External Technology Directors’ Network.

Brumlik focuses on commercialization, due diligence, and technology sourcing in alternate energy, materials, cleantech and nanotechnology. Application areas include membranes, separations, chemical functionalization, ultrafine particles, high surface area materials, cermets, displays, solid state lighting, sensors, and electronics.

As a business attorney, he advises international technology companies, startups, and venture capital groups. At ExxonMobil, Honeywell, and a Princeton law firm, he specialized in transactional and patent issues in chemistry and materials science commercialization for corporations, academia, and governments. A chemistry Ph.D. from Texas A&M, he has 20 years experience in nanotechnology.

Host: Dunbar Birnie 732.445.1651

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