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Resonant Atomic Gases

Speaker: Leo Radzihovsky, University of Colorado, Boulder
Date & Time: September 23, 2008 - 1:30pm
Location: Serin Room 385E

Resonant Atomic Gases
Physics and Astronomy

Leo Radzihovsky, University of Colorado, Boulder
Condensed Matter Seminar 1:30 PM, Serin Room 385E

A steady progress in cooling and trapping technology has enabled a realization of degenerate alkali atomic gases. In this setting of ultra-cold temperatures, despite their extreme diluteness, these trapped gases exhibit a rich behavior akin to that found in conventional condensed matter systems, albeit in very different regimes and probed with very different techniques. After an introduction to Feshbach resonant interactions, I will discuss the physics of s- and p-wave resonant superfluidity, and (time permitting) the phenomenology of "spin"-imbalanced Fermi gases and the universality near a Feshbach resonance.

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