Nano-Materials and Devices

Program: Electronics, Photonics and Sensors
Researcher Name: Manish Chhowalla
Department: Materials Science and Engineering
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Prof. Chhlowalla's research is geared towards synthesis and applications of carbon and related nano-materials. They not only want to efficiently synthesize and understand the growth mechanism of carbon nano-materials such as single and multi-walled nanotubes, nano-onions and single wall nanohorns, they also want to utilize them in electronic, energy storage and biological applications.

Graphene-based thin film electronic devices

A single sheet of graphite, or graphene, possesses extremely interesting properties arising from its unique energy dispersion. Graphene can be produced in large quantities and processed in a form of solution once appropriate chemical functionalization is applied. We have solution-processed graphene to fabricate a large area ultra-thin films which could be useful for macro-scale electronic devices such as photovoltaics, sensors, and thin film transistors. One of the major challenges of this work is the complete removal of functional groups from the starting graphene oxide solution (which are initially required for processability) to fully recover the intrinsic properties of graphene. Our aim is to optimize the opto-electronic properties of solution-processed graphene and incorporate it into large area thin film electronics.