Superconducting Nanocircuits for Topologically Protected Qubits

Program: Electronics, Photonics and Sensors
Researcher Name: Michael Gershenson
Department: Physics and Astronomy
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Collaborator: S. Gladchenko, D. Olaya, E. Dupont-Ferrier, B. Douçot, L.B. Ioffe

For successful realization of a quantum computer, its building blocks (qubits) should be simultaneously scalable and sufficiently protected from environmental noise. The research at Rutgers University, Physics and Astronomy Department focuses on the design, fabrication and characterization of a fundamentally new class of fault-tolerant logical elements of a quantum computer (a.k.a. qubits). This novel approach is based on the ideas of topological protection: errors can be prevented at the “hardware” level, by building a fault-free (topologically protected) logical qubit from “faulty” physical qubits with properly engineered interactions between them. Recently we performed the proof-of-concept experiments with prototypes of protected superconducting qubits which demonstrate the feasibility of this approach. In particular, it was observed that the prototype array of Josephson elements is protected against magnetic flux variations, in agreement with theoretical predictions.

S. Gladchenko, D. Olaya, E. Dupont-Ferrier, B. Douçot, L.B. Ioffe, and M.E. Gershenson, "Superconducting Nanocircuits for Topologically Protected Qubits", Nature Physics 5, 48-53 (2009).