Summer Session 2015

 Materials Characterization: Concepts and Practice


CourseR&D in physical sciences and engineering depends on atomic scale understanding of materials, which depend on a sophisticated  array of technical and complex instrumentation. Progress is accomplished by appropriate use of analytical tools. 

IAMDN is offering a course during the pdf Summer session 2015 (489 KB) . This 3 CR course provides an overview of the groundwork of basic material characterization tools and the capabilities of the various analytical techniques accompanying the instrumentation. This course is designed for physics, life sciences, environmental science, chemistry and engineering students. It is open to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students as well as industry professionals and will be especially useful to those involved in technology incorporating thin film materials. Each of these instruments is available at Rutgers. Sessions span the range of analysis techniques from the most established to the very forefront of materials science. Numerous practical examples are included. The seminar styled lectures include some of the most experienced individuals involved in present day materials analyses. It will be especially useful to those who make use of x-ray spectroscopy, ion beam spectroscopy, electron beam scanning and transmission electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and optical spectroscopies. These instruments are available at Rutgers. Laboratory visits and instrument demonstrations included.

Interested students can register online or can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.