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Rutgers is home to the nations premiere academic ion scattering facilities. We have low, medium and high energy systems, two of which are outlined here. Our accelerators are used to accurately determine the chemical composition of thin films and surfaces of technological important materials. Ion scattering works by bombarding the thin films with energetic ions, such as protons (H+), and measuring the ions that scatter into a detector. High energy ion scattering is called Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS) and is used to examine the composition of films in the 10nm 1um thick regime. Medium-energy ion scattering (MEIS) is a very high resolution version of RBS that is used determination of structural and compositional properties of surfaces and thin films. In RBS we work in the 1-3MeV ion energy range, while with MEIS, we work in the 50-300keV range. We have two accelerators that cover these two energy ranges, and a variety of beam lines and end stations that permit a range of analyses to be performed. Current activities include work on nano-electronic materials in close collaboration with the semiconductor industry, biomaterials, and a variety of other thin film coatings for.

             Medium Energy Ion
              Scattering Facility

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