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Date: April 9, 2012

National Science Foundation released a short video where IAMDN's Philip E. Batson and industry collaborator, NION's President, Ondrej Krivanek discuss the process of building one of the world's most advanced electron microscopes. At Rutgers, this microscope will help create new materials required for efficient energy production and storage, catalysis, nanoelectronics, photonics, and new materials yet to be created.

Funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, this equipment will help to create a one of a kind multidisciplinary research center at Rutgers that will significantly encourage the university's research community toward cutting edge discoveries, collaborations and attract up and coming as well as established in the field of nano-scale microscopy and advanced material science.

Phil Batson is an IAMDN Research Professor. To learn more about him, please visit his IAMDN webpage.


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