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Date: February 3, 2012

ImagVitaly 0ine folding your 50” television screen into the size of a wallet. Or snapping your phone so that it fits around your wrist like a watch. Such innovations may soon become common place thanks to the progress in organic and flexible electronics research in the recent years. Some of the crucial advances toward practical applications in this area have been based on simple yet clever ideas that help to simplify fabrication process without impacting the cost.

The latest work from Vitaly Podzorov’s group shows how simple and fast the fabrication of high-performance organic transistors can be. Reporting the research in the journal of Advanced Materials Podzorov and three colleagues show how a simple concept – a vacuum food sealer – could apply to their research on developing flexible electronics using lightweight organic semiconductors for products such as organic transistor circuits, light-emitting displays and solar cells.

According to Podzorov, “Organic transistors utilize novel type of semiconducting materials made out of organic molecules packed in ordered crystals. These materials have certain benefits over the traditional inorganic Silicon semiconductor, including applicability of simple processing methods from vapor or solutions, intrinsic mechanical flexibility and direct band-gap in the visible spectral range. Creating a high-quality interface between these soft semiconductors and dielectric materials is crucial for achieving high-performance transistor operation.

“Inspired by such a conceptually simple process as vacuum food packaging, our latest research shows an interesting effective approach to perform this task easily and without damaging the organic semiconductor.”

Podzorov’s main research focuses on how electrical performance of organic semiconductors can be improved by using highly ordered single-crystal organic semiconductors. To read more, visit Vitaly Podzorov’s page at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Funding for the research was provided by the U. S. Department of Energy and the Rutgers Institute for Advanced Materials and Devices for Nanotechnology.

To read more about Vitaly Podzorov's featured research, visit Rutgers Research Highlights.

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