Celik, Fuat E.

Department(s):  Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Research Interests: Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications
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Telephone: (848) 445-5558

Heterogeneous Catalysis for Energy Applications The goal of catalysis is to efficiently convert raw materials to fuel and chemical products with as little waste as possible. Feed stocks are often limited, either by cost or quantity, or both. For products containing carbon, crude oil, natural gas, coal, and biomass are the only suitable starting materials, and products without carbon that contain hydrogen are often produced from the reforming or gasification of these same raw materials. Efficiency means ensuring that as many of the carbon or hydrogen atoms from the feed as possible end up in the final product. Wasted feed stock ultimately leaves the production plant as carbon dioxide, contributing to the greenhouse effect. Focusing on heterogeneous catalysis also removes waste in the processing conditions, as the catalyst is trivially separated from both liquid and gaseous products. New pathways that contribute to domestic resource sufficiency and sustainability, such as those beginning from renewable biomass, are of particular interest.  read more

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