Photonic Crystals, Silicon Photonics, and Nanophotonics

Program: Electronics, Photonics and Sensors
Researcher Name: Wei Jiang
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Prof. W. Jiang’s research aims at developing novel photonic devices for communications, sensing, beam steering and other applications. The bottom chart shows:

(a) AFM images of a polymeric photonic crystal made by nanoimprint;

(b) The world’s first 1GHz photonic crystal waveguide modulator (top: schematic, bottom: micrograph of the modulator made on silicon);

(c) Slot photonic crystal waveguide for sensing and modulation (left: SEM image, right: concentrated field in the slot);

(d) Curvature plot for photonic crystal dispersion surfaces (peaks near the corners imply high sensitivities of this photonic crystal).

In many cases, we start from fundamental physics analysis, explore innovative engineering design and fabrication methods, and improve the structures and functions of certain photonic devices beyond the conventional approaches/architectures. Our research is closely related to active research topics such as the slow light effect, silicon photonics for monolithic optoelectronic integration and on-chip optical interconnects, and the superprism effect.